Document Management Software

Store and manage all your employees' documents in a single space in an organized and secure way with an HR document management software

Prevent employee documents from getting lost or misplaced


All HR documents stored in one place


Classify HR documents by employee and by type


A document manager accessible from anywhere


To employees when the administrator or the HR team uploads a new file

The most important HR documents in one place

Notes and proofs

Work sick leave, medical certificates or any other type of proof of absence

Employment documents

Employment contracts, personal documents, certificates and other employee documents


Upload your employees' payrolls and they will be automatically sent to each folder.


Trips, meals and other receipts and invoices related to the activity of your employees

Simple electronic signature in the documents that you need it

Save time and paperwork by requesting the Simple Digital Signature from Sesame's Document Manager. You can do it when you upload a document or on the documents already in the platform.

HR document manager in your pocket with the mobile app

Manage documents

Upload, share or consult them on any device.

Easily access

Access all folders from wherever you need them.

Automatic synchronization

Between the employee's space and the administrator's space.

Safe and secure business documents in a document management system



To guarantee the protection and privacy of work documents



Single Sign On


3 roles

With different permissions: administrator, HR and employee


Easily access

Access all folders from wherever you need them