Task and project tracking

Assign projects to employees by customers with the task tracking software. Measure the cost and profitability of each project.

Track and plan tasks



and assign projects by client to each employee.


See their dedication
in real time

You'll be up to date on what's going on in your team.



Set up inactivity alerts so your employees won't forget to compute their tasks.


to classify

Use tags to classify and find each task and project more easily.

Project manager to measure time

Assigned tasks

Your employees will be able to create tasks assigned to each project and record the hours spent in real time.

Cost/Employee Hour

Measure the value of each project through cost/hour per employee.

Edit manually.

You will be able to modify the times of each task and project manually. Carelessness-proof.

Generate project profitability reports

Set filters

to make customized profitability reports.

Assess project profitability

and make the right decisions.

Create reports

You can create both customer and internal reports.

Track your team's tasks from the task organizer app.

Mobile App

Compute tasks and see what your team is working on from the app.

Chrome extension

Install the Chrome extension and compute tasks directly from your browser.


You can also use the task manager in the desktop version