Employee Survey

Measure the satisfaction of your employees, get feedback in real time and make the right decision with an employee survey software

Create employee surveys in 5 minutes

Easy to create workplace satisfaction surveys

With our HR survey software it is very easy and intuitive to create questionnaires.

Schedule your HR questionnaires

Send out your workplace satisfaction surveys instantly or choose when you want them to arrive.

Choose the audience

Select to whom you send them: to the entire workforce, by teams, to specific employees…

Receive responses in real time

Receive real-time responses visually, so you can easily see what really matters to your employees.

Customize your employee survey questions

Star rating

Mood rating

Text response

Single choice response

Analyze results and take action

Visualize the information

Receive the results visually on your Sesame dashboard. You can analyze them more easily.

Instant feedback

Feedback from your employees will arrive in real time.

Take action from data

Spot trends, anticipate problems and make decisions that improve the lives of your employees.

HR questionnaires for your needs

Onboarding/offboarding surveys

Employee satisfaction surveys

Workplace satisfaction surveys

Surveys for teleworkers

Information update surveys

Respond to surveys from the APP

Push notifications

Your employees will receive a push notification in the app the moment you send them the survey.

Respond from your smartphone

They can answer in the app at the moment or later from the "Surveys" section