Remote work software

Telework applications to manage remote teams and keep them aligned and productive even remotely are here

Telework management of your employees made easy

Multi-device and geo-localized recording

From any device, GPS tracking to find out where your team is working from.

“Who’s in?” Panel

Your employees will be able to know who is in the office or available at a glance.

Synchronized in real time

Keep up to date with everything that happens in your company with always up-to-date information.

Electronic signature

Ask your remote employees to sign documents in a certified and secure way.

Sesame Teams extension

The Sesame Teams Chrome extension allows you to access Sesame's basic functionalities from the browser.

Correctly record your team's work from home days


Receive requests

Your employees request telework days in the Absences section.


Manage requests

You receive a notification to manage the teleworking request.


Visualize your teleworkers

When your employees clock in remotely, they will appear in a different color in the "Who's in?" panel”


Create reports

This is how you can analyze patterns and trends in your company's telework days.

Improve employee productivity even when working remotely

Keep track of your employees' tasks in real time.

See who is working on each project at any time.

View and download statistics and reports to analyze their performance and productivity.

Avoid isolation with internal communication tools

Receive and send notifications to your employees remotely when handling requests

Set up inactivity and clocking-in alerts

Evaluate the status of your team and receive feedback through satisfaction surveys

Make sure communication with HR is smooth with HR Chat

The ultimate app for teleworkers

Make clockings

And manage and modify requests with a single click.

Manage tasks

Compute hours and check time commitment in real time.

Create reports

Which you can view or download up-to-date reports.

Sign documents

Quickly, valid and securely from wherever you are.