Time tracking software

Digitize the management of your employees' time and attendance and reduce absenteeism.

Multi-device clocking

Easy clock in from any device

Simple installation

To install our time tracking software you only need an internet connection.

Web clock in and clock out

Manage it from your computer, receive notifications and access all the functionalities.

Mobile App

Approve requests, make modifications and consult your employees' clocking-in data.

Clock-in Tablet

Establish a fixed clocking point through a tablet with many possibilities.

Facial Recognition - Face ID

Faster and more secure face-to-face check-ins with our facial recognition system. Included in Sesame.

Remote work and work-life balance

Attendance tracking software for work flexibility and smart working

Geolocated clock in

A GPS system that allows you to know where your employees clock in from.

Employee panel

Employees will be able to log their working hours, request vacations, access payroll and much more.

Remote work clock in

Manage your employees' absences due to work from home easily.

Types of clocking-in: take time tracking to the next level

Create different clocking types for your employees

Assign them to the employees of your choice

Associate colors to each clock in

At a glance you will see what type of working day your employees are clocking in for

Attendance tracking reports and statistics

Improve productivity with comprehensive HR reports

Download your customized statistics and reports in PDF, CSV, and Excel

Overtime reports

Daily time tracking reports

Clocking type reports

Punch-in request history

Notifications and automations

Tailored automations with an attendance tracking system

Notifications for clocking change requests

Manage requests from different approval levels.

Incident notifications

Resolve them on the spot and avoid major problems.

Customized clocking automations

Clock ins and clock outs. Courtesy minutes. Workday rounding.

Mobile app

Easy-to-use time logging app

Keep up to date

with what's happening in your company in real time.

All the time tracking

Notifications, requests, clockings... manage it all from the app.

Automatically synchronized

with the administrator's and employee's dashboard.

Labor Laws

Avoid penalties and comply with Labor Laws without complications


Digital record

Securely store your employees' time tracking digitally


Work inspections

Create reports for labor inspections with legal validity