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People and Data change the world

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People Analytics revolutionizes your company's Human Resources strategy

Measure trends, patterns and behaviors

Store your employee’s data.

Understand information through visual and intuitive graphics

Make decisions based on data and statistics from the organizational chart.

Optimize data collection and decision making

Offer your team a more complete work experience.

Discover the potential of People Analytics


Improve the work environment

Extract data from situations that promote a good environment among colleagues.


Boost engagement

Get your team involved and committed.


Avoid excessive turnover

Meet the needs of your employees to retain talent.


Get ahead of burnout

Make decisions that help increase your employee's well-being.

Keep teleworkers aligned and increase their productivity

Strengthen teamwork despite distance

Meet your employees’ needs and facilitate their daily life.

Measure work from home productivity

Analyze the days that employees telework the most and what profiles opt for this option.

Real-time information

Select the information you are interested in before making important decisions.

Compare data across your companies, workplaces and departments

Crosscheck information and broaden your strategic vision

With People Analytics you can at a glance compare the development of the companies within your business group.

Extract data and manage the evolution of workplaces

Know and contrast the dynamics and growth rate of your company’s locations.

Analyze in detail and respond to the needs of your team

Examine the graphs by department and make the best decisions for each team.

Analyze the profitability of your projects

Draw conclusions from visual and easy-to-understand graphs

Data segmented by tasks, projects and departments

Valuable information about your team and its objectives

Make decisions to streamline the production process

Visualize the invisible with People Analytics

Cross data with external platforms

Know the use percentages of other integrated softwares

Valuable information on strategic actions

Draw conclusions and makes decisions