Shift management

Easily create and assign work schedules with our work shifts management software

Assign and create rotating work shifts

Individually or in blocks of employees determine the schedules of your teams:

Assign shifts on a one-off or periodic basis.

View the total number of planned hours and worked hours in the month.

Establish which people can perform and edit assignments.

Plan work schedules digitally

Create and manage changes in schedules through the shift schedule:

Indicate the number of people

Indicate the number of people you need on each shift and we will notify you when the quota is filled.

View your team's availability

View your team's availability, absences and approved vacations.

Create drafts

Create drafts that you can modify, publish or discard.

Shift patterns: set up shift repeats and rotating shifts

Facilitate the organization of shift schedules and saves time:

Build new shift patterns and create templates

Save your listed templates so that you can easily refer back to them whenever you want.

Choose employees and number of shift pattern repetitions

Create your rotating shifts by determining the number of repetitions of each shift pattern and choose whether you want to include holidays.

View shift calendars and ensure transparency

Manage everything from the weekly or monthly view

Create as many schedules as you need (different offices, split shifts...)

Download and print the schedules in excel or PDF

Plan rotating shifts and visualize the schedules

Program alerts and notifications

Share shift schedules with your employees:

Notify your employees

by email and in real time.

Set up punctuality alerts

and receive a notification when an employee clocks in outside their working hours

Avoid legal problems with shift records

Shift management software allows you to create reports and keep records to prove your employees' schedules


Digitize shift records

view and download the shift history


View and download the history

legally valid shift records

View and manage your employees' schedules with the shift app

Solve queries and ensure that your employees have access to their shift schedules at any time:

View all schedules and shifts in "My week".

Integrate breaks and rest periods into shifts.