HR Reports

Manage your company's data smartly and make the best decisions with HR reports and statistics

Summarize the most important data to make data-driven decisions

Select the information

You can filter data by department, office, report type and employee.

Download your reports

Easily export and share them in PDF, CSV and Excel.

In real time

View always up-to-date statistics and reports.

Custom reports

Build your reports from custom modules sorted as you like.

Time tracking reports for Labor Law compliance

Labor inspections

Valid for labor inspections and internal and external audit

Time tracking information

Store detailed information about your employees' clocking in and clocking out


Keep track of trends among your team such as punctuality

Gender pay record reports

Equal Pay report

All the data you need to check the Equal Pay in your company.

Gender benchmarking

View graphs with gender benchmarking in your company.

Salary compensation

Pay and remuneration information: base salary, bonuses and benefits.

Reports to measure the dedication and profitability of the projects

Set filters

Filtered by project manager and project status.

Visual information

Visualize computed and theoretical hours and mark the budget.

Calculate costs

Calculate fixed and computed costs and check project balance.

Real-time employee statistics

In a single view you can have the most important information about each employee. Access the statistics of each employee in his profile.

View reports from the app


the type of report: workday, tasks or projects.


by office, department and time zone.


reports on your cell phone from anywhere.