Onboarding software that fits your company

The employees onboarding software that allows you to create checklists of tasks to introduce them in a simple and customized way.

First impression counts: personalize the employee experience.

Onboarding checklist

A checklist of tasks for you to prepare each new hire as they deserve.

Automate processes

Easily plan each step of the employee onboarding plan and customize it.

Save completed onboardings

Mark employee onboarding processes as completed and access them whenever you want.

Onboarding processes centralized and organized

Unified information

Ensure smooth and unified information exchange in one onboarding tool.

Assign tasks

To each person in charge. Our onboarding software will notify you immediately.

Add feedback

Facilitates communication and coordination of the people involved by adding comments.

Guide their first steps

Make onboarding your employees' first great experience with the company.

Visualize your onboarding processes clearly

Onboarding date

Onboardings in progress

Status of the process

Comments and feedback

Take care of employee departures with offboarding software

Offboarding process under control

Create a checklist, centralize information and take care of the employee experience until the end.

Exits without loose ends

Employee departures involve many tasks. Create them as needed and assign them so you don't forget anything.

The last impression counts too

Focus on what's important: how to do a customized offboarding for a successful exit process.