With the automatic calculation of your employees' payroll, you don't have to worry about it

Get alerts

All changes affecting your employees' payroll will be notified to you.

Eliminate steps in payroll management

The process is efficient and avoids losing information by centralizing all the data.

payroll management calculation

Keep track all data affecting payroll

A record with all the relevant information will be available for you to monitor incidents.

The entire process centralised on a single platform

Manage everything related to your payroll in a single tool.

Benefit from automatic calculation of your employees' net salary

  • 1

    Automatize the creation of payroll

  • 2

    Monitor the impact of leaves from work, advances, incentives...

  • 3

    Consult payroll history

  • 4

    Dispense with external services and be on time with your team

payroll management people

Facilitate payroll data collection and incident recording

Reduce steps in the long process of payroll management.

  • Incident collection

    Incident collection

    Collect all the incidents in an flexible and simple way for payroll management.

  • Visual data

    Visual data

    Plenty of data displayed in easy tables that are easy to understand.

  • Personalized support

    Personalized support

    The payroll management software provides a contact centre where the payroll manager can answer any question.