People Database

All the information about the people in your team centralized, updated and easily accessible in a human resources dashboard.

Centralized information in a Human Resources dashboard

Design your human resources management system

Select which fields of information you want to see on each employee record

Filter the information in the employee database

Streamline data searches by filtering by department, office, state...

Export the human resources database

Choose only the information you want to export. In PDF, CSV and Excel.

Encrypted, secure and under control employee file

Share your employees' digital records only with those who need them with centralized HR software. Save time and avoid losses by configuring access permissions to the HR dashboard.

All HR management system information at a glance

Streamline processes and minimize errors in employee records

All the information you need in your human resources management processes at a glance

Stay ahead of your HR management needs

Easily analyze your HR scorecard, spot trends and make business decisions

Get to know the potential of your employees with their digital employee file

Training, skills ... detect opportunities for your employees within the company with your HR software

Real-time digital employee file


People database synchronized in real time

Add or modify employee data and they will be updated in real time in the database


Basic and complete employee file

Create a complete personnel file with the data you need


Human resources database accessible from the HR dashboard

Store all of your team's employee records in an orderly fashion


Real-time HR dashboard

Employee records at a glance and always up to date