Performance Management

Build the best work environment in your company, boost the potential of your employees and take them to the highest level with performance evaluations

A performance evaluation dashboard that you will want to consult

Schedule questionnaires

When information flows, it's all easier

Analyze performance with time-saving automations

Performance evaluation questionnaires

Use a predefined template and modify it as you wish or create them from scratch to customize them 100%

Schedule performance evaluations

Choose the day you want to send them or send them on the spot

Notifications to employees and managers

Automatically notify employees when they have an evaluation to answer and managers when they have completed performance evaluations

Visual results and centralized information to help you make better decisions

Visualization of survey results

Survey results of an employee in one place

Job performance reports

Results also in Organizational Chart

Visualize the answers in a color map in a clearer and more intuitive way. An overview that will help you to analyze the information easily

Boost your team's growth through questionnaires


Quickly detect conflicts and anticipate problems


Encourage reskilling, find opportunities and make up for shortcomings


Collect useful information to create career plans, trainings...


Improve communication between employees and managers and motivate your team


Performance evaluation methods

Use the performance appraisal tool that best fits your needs

Nine Box evaluation: potential + performance

Workplace satisfaction surveys

Employee job satisfaction questionnaires

Personalized questionnaires

One to one

Manage "One to one" evaluation meetings to give feedback to the team

An organizer from which you can schedule follow-up meetings between managers and employees individually

Visualize meetings

You will have a view of all the "one to ones" that will allow you to avoid overlaps or duplications

Keep track of the "one to ones"

Keep track of which managers each employee has met with and on which date over time

Add comments

On each meeting to make it easier to follow up on the employee by different managers

Secure information and data privacy

Choose who accesses performance evaluation results

Encrypted information

The security of your data is important. Avoid information loss in a secure performance management system

Roles and permissions system

Always be in control of who has access to employee performance appraisals

Centralize employee performance management in your company on one platform with a performance evaluation software