Meeting room booking system

Check the availability of meeting rooms and manage the reservation of office space.

Room reservation software that optimizes space management

Flexible reservation of meeting rooms

From wherever you want through the dashboard or the app, or in person from the tablet.

Save conflicts

Keeps a record of the use of each room on previous dates.

Synchronized with Google Calendar

When you make a reservation, it will appear in your calendar so you will not lose the information.

Avoid overlaps with a visual room reservation system

Check availability by days through filters

Add comments to the reservation

Create rooms and assign colors to make it more visual

Use a tablet to book spaces in person

You won't forget the Check in

Record the start of the meeting so that everyone knows the room is occupied.

Book the meeting room on the spot

Need the room? Check availability on site and book it right there in one click.

Goodbye interruptions

All information about the duration of the meeting and the calendar is visible on the tablet.

Room reservation app

Book corporate spaces from anywhere

Make changes or cancel your reservation

Check office space availability